Psychic Readers of Art…

Some artists, mostly “great” have the ability to see things beyond their normal senses. These mental forces or intuitions, with luck find their way into the brush. Everything about a painting has meaning.

Subject matter… “you name it, you can paint it…even if you don’t really see it.”

Composition… for every rule you should break 10… and then you will learn composition.

Color...if it doesn’t exist in nature it probably doesn’t exist at all. Green is green. But there are a million shades and awe to possess the right one.

Texture…you can see and touch it which allows you to feel it. An egg is perfectly smooth to the touch. But explore through a microscope and you will see the riff with the most incredible topography.

Then there are the “unseen” elements of a work of art. Most assuredly the viewers own interpretation of what they see based on a  life-time of experiences, hang-ups and realities.

Many approach a painting with no preconceived notion of what to expect and walk away with energy or profound emotion & feelings.

For me I always suspected that there was another dimension to art that can only be interpreted by one’s ability to see things beyond the normal senses. So I decided to put this notion to the test.

Long time friend and psychic Ruth Lordan ( ) in my opinion has the intuitive ability to see beyond the image on a canvas. So I asked her to interpret a recent painting of mine that was featured on the TV show The Good Wife. I asked Ruth to give me a reading. This wasn’t the first time I called upon her amazing ability to help me look at one of my paintings from an entirely different perspective. This is what I learned concerning the spiritual side of art from Ruth in her own words:

Art inspired humanity and in fact many  sentient beings (have u ever noticed how your pets and even horses respond to  art works?).

Can art also create the experience of satori, enlightenment,  nirvana? YES !  Mandala artworks are used for meditation.

As a 5th plus  generational psychic consultant with 43 yrs of professional experience, I love to use art as a meditative tool and find that different paintings have  different psychic energy. When I meditate on a work, I sense the psychic  vibrations and energy and what the destiny of the painting can be thru this  “reading”.

True artists infuse their spirits into the pieces which charges  them. Plus as Spirit comes in thru many artists, there is a Divine infusion as  well.   All of this leads to an amazing psychic experience.

One of  the best group meditations I have facilitated is when we gather a group and I  guide a psychic meditation around a painting.

Often this is a  “christening” of the painting.

Ruth’s comment, “The true artist infuses their spirit into each piece and charges them.” resonates with me on many levels and I’m sure my fellow artists who learn to embrace this thinking will find deeper meaning in every creation, good or bad.

So what was Ruth’s interpretation of my painting entitled ROCOCO? This is the one that ended up on the TV series The Good Wife. This is the painting:

Rod Jones Artist -Rococo-24”h x 30” w-oil on canvas
Rod Jones Artist -Rococo-24”h x 30” w-oil on canvas



Ruth’s Reading of the painting Rococo:

“A very positive piece that sends the subtle message Good triumphs over evil (this is because the grey darkness tries to hamper the yellow light glow, but fails at it.   There is also clean sophistication that is imparted with subconscious force to the viewer—it would be difficult to keep clutter in a space where this painting “reigned” on the wall. The other message it sends is “pace yourself-be mellow and win”

Even though I created this painting with no real mission (as usual) it just evolved. Naming the painting was somewhat more difficult, but it just looked like Rococo…ornate, but not over-done for an abstract.

This wasn’t the first time I had Ruth read one of my paintings. The painting entitled TEARS OF ALLAH created over a year ago, presented a disturbing and sometimes haunting feeling in my studio. My wife and daughter avoided this painting to the point where they wouldn’t come into the studio unless I turned it around to face the wall. So naturally this one needed a reading. Here’s the painting.

Rod Jones Artist-Tears of Allah-36x48-oil on canvas
Rod Jones Artist-Tears of Allah-36×48-oil on canvas – I have never placed this painting on my website, nor have I offered it for sale.

And…here is Ruth’s reading of  the painting Tears of Allah:

“WOW!  When I heard the name   I thought of sadness  Allah crying as his religion had been hijacked but seeing this painting  I realize these are tears of joy    that thru all the little roadblcoks and sidetraps of life (the red lines) the tears of joy continue to flow and cleanse the earth,  and the cool thing is that the tears will win…the little blockades are just that–little blockades—whether they stand for terrorists, jihadists, corporations stealing oil, backward regimes, nuclear problems—the tears of joy will bring joy despite the petty annoyances…..and of course since  they are tears of joy about the universe  they are the cleanser of veil so we can get prophetic dreams and visions by vibing with the tears  When I really look I see the tears and not the blockades as I call them, so it opens the gates to the soul.”

I have to say…when I created this painting there wasn’t a political thought in my head. On a subconscious level I knew this painting was giving off a ton of energy. I even had difficulty dealing with it at times. I would walk away thinking that this would become an interesting underpainting for one of my more eclectic designs. But that was not to be. I developed an almost compulsive need to complete the work. And then even I had trouble with it. It just seemed to be saying something…but I couldn’t connect. So I approached Ruth and said, “See what you can see.” The title just flashed into my mind and it stuck immediately. I never entertained any other title. You might say the name was imprinted on the canvas even before the first brush stroke.

Do I believe in psychics? The short answer is YES & No. Yes…when I hear stuff that I like. And NO when I hear stuff I don’t like. I can say in total confidence that this is absolutely true for all of us.

Thank you Ruth for giving me a deeper look into the soul of my work.

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